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Viscous Liquid Filtration

The more viscous a product is, the more complicated it is to get it through a filter. To simply illustrate this notion, imagine the speed of water passing through a strainer and imagine the speed of honey. At the same flow rate, a viscous product will need a larger filtration surface and therefore a large filter.

For high viscosities (above 10’000 centipoise), synthetic filters have their limits (tearing, bursting) and it is necessary to use stainless steel V wire screen filters.


Examples of viscosity of common products

Examples of viscosity of common products

Examples of viscosity of common products


How to filter low-viscosity products?

The applications are the filtration of products such as oils, emulsions, and water of various kinds (process, discharge…). You can choose stainless steel v wire screen strainers. for low-viscosity products.


How to filter medium viscosity fluids?

For varnishes, industrial paints, chemicals, and other liquids up to 5000 cP, the bag filter and wedge wire screen filters are a simple, efficient, and flexible industrial filtration system. With a simple change of the bag, filtration ratings from 1 micron to 2000 microns can be changed in a few minutes.

The bag filter is also efficient for the filtration of low-viscosity products.


How to filter high-viscosity fluids?

The automatic self-cleaning filter is the best filter when the bag filter and other filters are not able to filter.

The high-viscosity products such as coatings, glues, silicone, effect paint, chocolate, PVC slurry, dough, starch, surimi paste,pre-filtration of binders in formulations, polymer solutions,metal paste…


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