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YUBO –Wedge Wire Screen Industrial Filter Strainers Manufacturer

As a professional manufacturer of wedge wire screen filter elements, Hebei YUBO Filtration Equipment Co., Ltd. is dedicated to products of industrial filter elements products and solid-liquid separation filters.

Since its inception in 2008, we have been designing and producing wedge wire screen filter strainers. Now we mainly specialize in the production of wedge wire screen panels, filter cylinders, filter baskets, sieve bend screens, Lateral Assemblies Systemswater filter nozzles, etc. All our products are made of superior raw materials and parts and conform to various advanced international standards.

The wedge wire screen filter products can meet the needs of medical, water treatment, chemical, oil &gas, industrial filtration, mining filtration, and other industrial uses.

We have strict quality control and service standards. We consistently provide high-quality filter products and form a win-win strategy with every customer through professional engineering technology and efficient service.

With more than 10 years of experience in filter strainer products, we are your best partner for filter products in China. Not only provide wedge wire screen filter products but also provide the filtration solution for you.

Sales Network

Sales Network

Our wedge wire screen filter products are not only sold out in the domestic market but also exported to Canada, Russia, the United Kingdom, Algeria, Morocco, Sudan, the United Arab Emirates, Kenya, Bangladesh, Egypt, etc.

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Filtration Solutions and Product Design

For each industry, each wedge wire screen filter, each drawing, and each data, our engineers will communicate and check with customers in detail and will provide better solutions for each problem raised by customers. Our engineers not only for Customers can design and customize the required product drawings and technical solutions, and can also propose better solutions and better product choices for customers' problems.

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Phone: 86-18032153916

Tel: 86-18032153916


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