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Power Generation

Wedge Wire Screen--Efficient filter systems for power generation

In conventional power generation plants such as gas or nuclear power plants, industrial wedge wire screen filters ensure the long-term functionality and durability of the turbines and generators, maintaining compliance with ecological standards and the availability of emergency power generators.

When it comes to high-temperature gas filtration for exhaust gas treatment, more and more power plant operators are relying on high-performance wedge wire screen filter strainers, which deliver excellent results even at high temperatures.

Wedge wire screen filters contribute to the economical operation of oil, coal, gas, and nuclear power plants and at the same time help to reduce the environmental impact. When it comes to water treatment, fuel maintenance, hydraulic filtration, and air pollution control, wedge wire screens impress with high separation rates, and good resistance to high loads giving a long service life.

The advantage of wedge wire screens in the power generation industry:

1. Safer, because wedge wire screen filter systems ensure an uninterrupted process flow at sensitive places in the power plant and thus help to avoid faults
2. Healthier, because wedge wire filter screen products ensure a long-term supply of cooling water and through effective treatment reduce the consumption of hydraulic and lubrication oils
3. More productive, because wedge wire filter elements and filtration systems allow continuous operation of the power plant at full output.


Electrical and electronics: Filtration is key for electrical equipment and semiconductors

Electrical equipment manufacture

As far as the manufacture of heavy electrical goods and domestic white goods is concerned, there is very little demand for filters or other separation equipment for inclusion in the products of its main processing lines (apart from their use in transformer oil recycle systems).
The one important case where filters are part of the finished product is in the manufacture of transformers, where a cooling oil circulates around the coils, and needs to be kept clean.

Semiconductor production

Filtration is key for electrical equipment and semiconductors.png

Filtration is key for electrical equipment and semiconductors

The production of electronic materials such as semiconductors, recording tapes, memory chips, etc, requires an exceedingly clean environment, so that working space, ambient air and all washing and cleaning liquids have to be absolutely as clean as possible. The manufacture of electrical equipment and electronic components has always required a fairly clean environment, but this has become very much more so in the modern semiconductor fabrication plant, to the extent that the working space is now as much in need of cleaning as is any input material or processing fluid.

The fabrication of semiconductor devices is undertaken in the same sort of clean room as is pharmaceutical production, but with the additional requirement that incoming contamination is as important to prevent as any exhaust from the working space.

Some of the process fluids are extremely aggressive, but all have to be filtered clear of unwanted solid particles, and the wafers being treated usually have to be washed after each step, with ultrapure water.

The fluids in use in these processes have usually been extensively treated to produce them to their required specification, which makes them expensive, such that their recycle is an important part of the process economics, and filters have as important a part to play in the recycle system as they do in the initial production.

Apart from the utility filtration needs involved in electrical equipment manufacture, there are the two main separation duties in electronic materials manufacture:

• the cleaning of inlet air to the working spaces and fabrication areas to a high standard of freedom from dust, and the similar filtration of exhaust air streams to protect the surrounding environment; 

• the preparation of ultra-pure water for component washing and to make up wafer processing fluids.

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