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Aquaculture fishery

Elevating Aquaculture Sustainability with Wedge Wire Screen Filters

Water quality control is paramount for sustainable fish farming. Our wedge wire screen filter strainers are meticulously designed to meet the diverse needs of aquaculture and fish hatchery applications, reducing maintenance, minimizing water loss, and enhancing water quality.

In the confined environment of aquaculture, the waste products generated by marine animals, eventually breaking down into toxic ammonia, pose a significant threat. Unlike the vast oceans where dilution mitigates this risk, in aquaria, ammonia concentrations can quickly become lethal. This is why filtration is indispensable in aquaculture systems.

The Importance of Filtration in Aquaculture:

1. Water Quality Management: Filtration is the linchpin of maintaining optimal water quality, ensuring a healthy environment for aquatic organisms.

2. Disease Prevention: Efficient filtration plays a pivotal role in disease prevention by eliminating conditions favorable to pathogens, parasites, and harmful bacteria, averting devastating disease outbreaks.

3. Oxygenation: Filtration systems often include mechanisms to augment dissolved oxygen levels, crucial for the respiration of aquatic organisms.

4. Waste Management: Aquaculture systems generate various forms of waste, including uneaten food, feces, and metabolic byproducts. Filtration systems efficiently remove solid wastes and facilitate their conversion into less harmful substances.

5. Optimal Growth and Performance: Clean, well-filtered water is the key to promoting the optimal growth and development of aquatic organisms, leading to increased productivity.

wedge wire screen strainers for Aquaculture-fishery

Onshore Aquaculture and the Need for Filtration:

Onshore aquaculture employs large tanks for fish and seafood cultivation, where water quality is essential. These tanks have limited water quantities that can easily become contaminated with organic matter, necessitating effective filtration to increase fish density.

YUBO offers a diverse range of aquaculture filters constructed from various materials, including polymeric, coated steel, and stainless steel. These filters employ disc, screen, or media technologies to meet the specific requirements of the aquaculture and hatchery industries.

Solids Removal and Biological Filtration in Aquaculture:

Two critical components of filtration systems in aquaculture are solids removal and biological filtration.

—Solids Removal: This mechanical filtration process physically separates and removes solid particles from the water. It maintains water clarity, prevents the accumulation of organic matter, and eases the load on biological filtration systems.

––Biological Filtration: Biological filtration harnesses beneficial microorganisms to convert harmful compounds like ammonia and nitrite into less toxic forms. Regular monitoring and maintenance are vital to uphold the efficiency of the biological filtration system and maintain a balanced nitrogen cycle.

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Drum Screen Filters and Disc Filters:

Our innovative wedge wire drum screen filters stand out in terms of reliability, efficiency, and cost savings. Designed for high-performance water treatment systems, such as recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) and intake and effluent treatment, these filters offer numerous benefits:

1. A groundbreaking drum design that reduces energy costs.

2. A larger filter area that captures more solids at a faster rate.

3. A corrosion-proof chain that minimizes maintenance costs.

4. A moving spray bar that cleans more effectively while reducing water consumption.

5. Modular components that enhance operating reliability.

wedge wire drum screen filters for Aquaculture fishery

The wedge wire screen filters can be used for the following processes in the Aquaculture industry:

—Recirculated System (RAS)

—UV Systems Protection

—Effluent Water Treatment

—Intake Water Filtration

—Removal of Invasive Species

—Water Quality Management

—Aquarium Life Support

—Solids and Algae Removal, etc

YUBO has been working alongside the industry of filter solutions filter systems, and filter equipment products for decades. In the Aquaculture industry, from fish farmers and manufacturers to integrators and well boat manufacturers, we understand the challenges facing the aquaculture industry.
We design filtration systems and manufacture wedge wire screen filters for every aquaculture application.

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If you’re seeking top-tier filtration solutions for your fish farm, YUBO has you covered.

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