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Food & Beverage

The food and beverage industry is one of the largest sectors globally, with a constant demand for high-quality products. To ensure that these products meet stringent quality standards, various equipment, and components play a crucial role in their production process. One such essential component is the filter equipment–wedge wire screen.

Filters are used in the food and beverage industry to separate, concentrate, and clarify liquids. Though separation and clarification processes are commonly used in the dairy industry, a “one size fits all” solution does not exist. This makes it important to choose the right filtration solution for the task at hand.

Food & Beverage Water Filters and Filtration Solution

The industrial filtration of food and beverage is a critical step for many processes or for the treatment of food processing waste. Filtration plays a key role in maintaining food processing equipment, keeping food and beverages fresher, and prolonging their shelf life.

Some of the more common beverages that rely on filtration technology include:

  • Wine
    various sauces

    Alcoholization (for non-alcoholic beverages)

Some of the more common foods that rely on filtration technology include:

  • Cheese and other dairy products
    Meat,fish, and their solid products(not including oils,fat,and juices)
    Fruit and vegetables
    Oils and Fats
    Grains, cereals and starches

    Gelatin concentration
    Corn wet milling
    Xanthan gum
    Maple syrup
    Animal feed

Various dry and liquid separation processes are used in food and beverage production. Below are a few common applications:

  • Salt production

    Basket centrifuges are commonly used in salt production.

    Cream separation (from milk)

    Disc centrifuges were designed for cream separation and are still used to this day.

    Water purification

    Membranes are used to purify water before use as a food or beverage ingredient.

    Wastewater treatment

    Wastewater is treated at facilities.

    Corn wet milling

    A variety of filtration steps, including micro and nanofiltration, are required in the wet milling of corn.

    Sugar juice and crystals

    Rotary vacuum drum filters separate sugar juice from settled mud before a centrifuge is used to recover sugar crystals.

    Vegetable seed oil refinement

    Tubular or disc centrifuges and vacuum filters are commonly used to refine and de-wax vegetable seed oils.

    Beer and spirits production

    Numerous separation activities take place including separation and dewatering of grains and clarifying liquids. Filter centrifuges and False bottom filters are used.


Wedge wire screens are widely used in the food and beverage industry due to their exceptional filtration capabilities. These screens consist of V-shaped wires welded onto support rods, creating a durable and robust structure. The unique design allows for precise control over particle size separation, making them ideal for applications requiring effective solid-liquid or solid-gas separation.

One prominent application of wedge wire screens in the food industry is their use as sieve screens or filters during manufacturing processes. For example, they are commonly employed during juice extraction from fruits to separate pulp or seeds from the liquid. Similarly, breweries rely on these screens to remove unwanted sediments and impurities from beer before packaging.

Wedge wire screens For food drink

In addition to filtration purposes, wedge wire screens also find extensive use as drainage devices in various stages of food processing operations. They help improve efficiency by facilitating effective drying or draining of liquids from solids while retaining valuable product content.


Another advantage of using wedge wire screens is their durability and longevity when subjected to harsh operating conditions typically found in food processing plants. Their high-strength construction ensures resistance against wear and tear caused by abrasive materials or frequent cleaning procedures required for maintaining sanitary conditions.

Furthermore, customization options make it possible to tailor wedge wire screen designs according to specific requirements within the food and beverage industry. Different slot sizes, wire profiles, and support rod configurations can be selected to optimize filtration performance for different applications.

To conclude, wedge wire screens play a vital role in the food and beverage industry by enabling efficient separation of solids from liquids or gases. Their robust construction, excellent hygiene properties, longevity, and customization options make them an ideal choice for various manufacturing processes within this sector. As the demand for high-quality food products continues to grow globally, the importance of utilizing reliable equipment such as wedge wire screens cannot be overstated.


YUBO offers a complete family of wedge wire screen filters for the Food and Beverage industry, in compliance with CE and FDA standards, to meet the hygiene and safety requirements of the diversity of players and products within the food industry.


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