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Wedge Wire Tube

Centrifuge Baskets

The wedge wire centrifuge baskets a Filtration and dehydration solution for a wide array of applications, including coal dust, salt, mineral materials...
Product Description:

Our wedge wire centrifuge baskets are meticulously engineered with an optimal Vee-Wire profile, precise aperture size, and strategic direction to enhance both product longevity and centrifugal dewatering efficiency. These features make our wedge wire baskets a Filtration and dehydration solution for various applications, including coal dust, salt, mineral materials, sugar, wastewater, and oil separation. 

We offer a comprehensive range of wedge wire baskets compatible with most brands and centrifuge models, ensuring versatility and reliability.

Industries We Serve

Our centrifuge baskets cater to diverse industries, including:

Mining and MetalsWastewater Treatment
OEM Machine IndustryFood Industry
Mineral ResourcesSugar Industry
Chemical and PetrochemicalStarch Processing
Oil and GasPulp and Paper Industry

Application Areas

Our centrifuge baskets excel in various applications, such as:

Coal CentrifugesOil Centrifuges
Salt CentrifugesWastewater Centrifuges
Sugar CentrifugesStarch Centrifuges

Product Advantages

Maximize your process efficiency with our wedge wire centrifuge baskets. Key benefits include:

High Efficiency: Designed to optimize performance and throughput.

Reliable Operation: Consistent and dependable in demanding environments.

Self-Cleaning Properties: Minimizes maintenance and downtime.

Low Operating Costs: Reduces expenses with efficient operation.

Manufacturing Precision: Ensures exact tolerances and superior quality.

Extended Lifetime: Durable construction for prolonged use.

Production Technologies

Our centrifuge baskets are crafted using advanced wedge-wire screen technology. Precision welding and sealing techniques guarantee exact tolerances. Each basket, whether cylindrical or conical, is equipped with flanges, reinforcements, or special fittings tailored to meet specific requirements. Our long-wearing baskets are designed to fit any centrifuge machine, maximizing productivity and minimizing maintenance and shutdowns.

The Wedge Wire Advantage

The secret to the superior performance of our centrifuge baskets lies in the unique wedge vee wires. These wires provide a maximum cross-sectional area while maintaining a high open area, allowing fluid to pass through the apertures efficiently and material to flow over the screen smoothly. This design reduces pegging, resulting in increased production and an extended wear life.

Efficient Dewatering with Customised Centrifuge Baskets

Tired of frequent production shutdowns to replace centrifuge baskets? 

Upgrade to our wedge wire baskets for enhanced, long-lasting performance. Our baskets are designed to offer efficient dewatering, ensuring your operations run smoothly and continuously.

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