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Hydro Sieve

The HydraSieve is an innovative and highly efficient static screen designed for separating solids from liquids effectively.
Product Description:

HydraSieve: A Simple and Efficient Static Screen for Solid/Liquid Separation

The Hydra Sieve is an innovative and highly efficient static screen designed for separating solids from liquids effectively. This advanced screening solution leverages the unique Coanda effect to ensure optimal performance across a wide range of applications.

Operating Principle

The HydraSieve operates on a simple yet effective principle. It consists of a sieve screen plate and a supporting frame. The screen plate features bars with a triangular cross-section with rounded angles and a wave configuration. This design is crucial for HydraSieve's operation based on the Coandă effect, where the liquid forms a hydraulic attachment to the bars of the screen plate.

The V-shaped wire screen plate ensure:

--Efficient elimination of the majority of the liquid

--Deceleration of the screenings

--Effective drainage

The screen plate is supported by a frame that ensures quiet operation, even effluent distribution, and faster liquid flow down the screen plate. The filtered liquid is collected in the screen base.


The HydraSieve is versatile and can be used in a variety of environments and industries.

Below are some of the key applications:

Environmental Applications:

  •  Efficiently separating solids from domestic wastewater is achieved through domestic sewage.

  •  Storm Water Screening: Handles large volumes of stormwater, removing debris and other solids.

  •  Wash Water from Sand Filters: Cleans the water by filtering out sand particles.

  •  Sewer Cleaning Tasks: Assists in maintaining clean sewer systems.

  •  Industrial Intake Water Screening: Protects industrial systems by removing solid contaminants from intake water.

  •  Fire Sprinkler Water Screening: Ensures the purity and functionality of fire sprinkler systems.

  •  Pig Manure Treatment: Separating Solids from Pig Manure for Better Waste Management.

  •  Textiles and Laundries: Filters out lint and other solids from wastewater in textile and laundry facilities.

Food Industry Applications:

  •  Fruit and Vegetable Canning: Separates solids from waste water during the canning process.

  •  Wine Producers and Distilleries: Ensures clean liquid output by filtering out grape skins and other solids.

  •  Meat and processed meal industry efficiently handles wastewater from meat processing.

  •  Slaughterhouses separate blood and other solids from wastewater.

  •  Fish Processing: Filters out fish scales and other waste materials.

  •  Breweries and Dairies: Ensures the purity of wastewater from brewing and dairy processes.

The HydraSieve static screen is a robust and efficient solution for solid/liquid separation. Its unique design and operational principles make it ideal for a wide range of applications across environmental and food industries. By leveraging the Coandă effect and its specialized screen plate design, the HydraSieve ensures superior performance, reliability, and ease of maintenance.

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