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Packing Support Grid:Enhancing Tower Efficiency with the Packaging Support Grid.

Packing support grids, also known as packing support plates, play a crucial role as internal components within packing towers. Their primary function is to stabilize the packing bed within the tower. These devices operate in both structured and random packing processes and serve a diverse range of purposes.

The packing support grids were designed to optimize gas and liquid circulation while reducing the risk of liquid flooding. Their spacious open area and meticulous design ensure optimal gas and liquid distribution, preventing blockages and flooding.

Packing support grids

The packing support grids are designed to support both random and structured packing and bear the responsibility of absorbing liquid weight and ensuring smooth mass transfer operations.

These packing support grids are useful in various tank applications, including sulfuric acid absorption towers, 

drying towers, 

cooling towers, 

washing towers, 

distillation columns, 

fume scrubbers, 

and air strippers. 

They are attached to tower walls to enhance other tower features such as support rings and reinforcement bars.

Types of Packing Support Grids:

1. Packing Support Grating Plate: Tailored for structured packing and certain random packing configurations in towers like sulfuric acid absorption, drying, and cooling towers.

 1) Reinforced Bar Addition: Additional reinforced bars enhance the bottom and top sections of the grating plate, enhancing stiffness and strength.

 2) Compatibility with Structured and Random Packing: The grating plate design is compatible with both structured and cross-ring random packing.

 3)Welding Options: For small or large diameter towers, welding grating plates are welded onto the tower walls or supporting rings/plates to strengthen the structure.

2. Multi-Beam Packing Support Grids: specifically designed for random packing, especially ring and saddle-shaped configurations in absorption, distillation, and washing towers.

 1) Material Variety: Available in carbon steel, stainless steel, PP, CPVC, FRP, and ceramic to meet diverse environmental conditions.

 2)Options: With or without frames, catering to different tower diameters. Frames are preferred for smaller towers, while frameless designs are suitable for larger ones.

 3)Sectional Structure: Featuring a sectional structure for easy access through manways and hassle-free installation.

Packing Support Grids types



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