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Welded Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Bird Cages

For bird breeders, one of the most expensive aspects of their hobby is the purchase of large welded stainless steel wire mesh cages.

When ordering a welded stainless steel wire mesh cage from a retailer, a breeder may pay upward of $1,000.00. To stymie such costs, a breeder can manufacture their own breeding cages for a fraction of the cost.

Place the welded stainless steel wire mesh rods in two groups of four. In each group, use the rods to create a square by placing them in the correct shape and lining up the ends. Secure the ends of each rod to one another using the metal ties while making sure to keep them in their square shapes.

Place a welded stainless steel wire mesh rod at a corner of one of the squares that were just created. Place the rod in a vertical position and secure it in place at the square's corner using another metal tie.

Do the same for each of the other three remaining welded stainless steel wire mesh rods using the square's remaining corners. When finished, there should be a square that sits on the ground which has four separate rods going straight up into the air at each of its corners

Secure the remaining square to each of the four vertical poles by using more metal ties to secure its corners in the same fashion that the bottom square was secured.

Wrap the mesh around the vertical rods until it overlaps. Secure the mesh using metal ties. Make sure that the mesh covers all of the sides and that there are no gaps or else birds could escape from the cage.

Use metal cutters to weld two 3 ½' X 3 ½' squares from the mesh. Place these pieces at each end of the structure and fold the edges down and secure them to the sides by tying them down with ties to mesh that was secured there earlier.

Cut a flap into the center of the structure's mesh using the metal cutters. This flap will be the entrance to the breeding cage. The flap can be made as large or as small as desired by the breeder.