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Bbq metal cage for vegetable

Bbq metal cage for vegetable

  • Category:further processed products
  • Material:low carbon steel wire
  • Properties:BBQ Grill
  • Application:It is widely used for pasta, meat, fish, and barbecue
  • tag:Bbq metal cage,vegetable ,
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Bbq metal cage for vegetable

Material: low carbon steel wire
Surface treatment: chrome plated, galvanized
Features of the bbq metal cage for vegetable:
Heat-resistance, corrosion resistance, also harmless
The product is strong and durable, and easy to install and clean.
Heat resistance, fixed shape, corrosion-resistance, nonpoisonous and tasteless
Production process:
Going through surface treatment after the processes of weaving, welding, stamping, shaping and polishing depending on the materials or structures
Applications of the bbq metal cage for vegetable:
For barbecue, drying and firing of various meat, fish, pasta and vegetables. Can be used with stove, oven or drying containers
It is widely used for pasta, meat, fish, and barbecue

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