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Multifarious stainless steel Wire Basket

A brief description of the size of the baskets under different standards is provided below

First, DIN standard size and EN standard size

Multifarious stainless steel Wire Basket

1. DIN and EN standard size:

DIN (German standards association Deutsches Institut für Normung) for the sterilization unit is 575mm X 280mm X 265mm;

In the EN (European Norm) standard for disinfection and sterilization, the 600mm X 300mm X 300mm is defined as a standard sterilization unit (STU, Sterilization Unit). The dimensions are specified in the CEN (European Committee for Standardization) Community Community Norm and the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) for "compliance with the design of sterilization equipment to ensure the effectiveness of the sterilization process and to meet the pressure vessel design and manufacturing requirements" To develop a size standard.

Since the EN standard is also widely accepted and converted in Germany, the above two dimensions are widely used as standard STU conventions. As shown below.

Thus, the height of the halves, the corresponding 1 / 2STU specific dimensions were 575mm X 280mm X 135mm and 600mm X300mm X 150mm.

600mmX 300mm Due to its universality of recognition, for mainstream applications, 575mm X 280mm is relatively small - especially in non-German-speaking countries.

Second, SPRI standard size

Multifarious stainless steel Wire Basket

2. SPRI Stand Size:
SPRI (Swedish Institute for Health Services Development) defines the STU in two sizes, 585mm X 395mm X195mm and 585mm X 395mm X 100mm, often referred to as 1/1 STU SPRI, the latter being called 1/2 STU SPRI, the picture is as follows.
stainless steel wire basket

stainless steel wire basket

3. ISO Stand Size:
ISO standard size based on the length of 600mm, width of 400mm, the height of the form is varied, there are 100mm, 130mm, 150mm, 180mm, 200mm, 300mm and so on, as shown below.
It should be noted that the size of the basket and there is no absolute precise boundaries, different standards rough out their respective ranges, the selection, the user equipment requirements and the workplace is the most appropriate.

 ISO Stand Size