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Cleaning and disinfection of medical products generally include reprocessing

Cleaning and disinfection reprocessing of medical products generally include:

Processing (pretreatment, collecting, precleaning and equipment disassembly special circumstances)

Cleaning, disinfecting, final rinse, drying (suitable case may be).

Cleanliness, the material situation of material for visual inspection.

Depending on the circumstances demand for maintenance and repair.

Function tests.


Performed by circumstances demand

Packaging and sterilization, inspection and storage

Regulations, such as the German medical products specifications and Robert Koch

Research institutions:

"Cleaning and disinfection of medical products in the reprocessing of health standards" are cleaning and disinfection of medical devices requires reprocessing process quality control. Businesses have a responsibility to provide guidance reprocessing step in writing, risk assessment and classification of risk areas, and appropriate records. Clean confirm disinfection and sterilization and the proper use of the provisions of detergents, disinfectants and fungicides are an integral part of quality assurance.

Do not ignore the manufacturer recommends the use of the manual, not only because they do not comply with these regulations may result in higher parts and maintenance costs, but also because of the wrong cleaning and disinfection reprocessing of medical products or failure may result in the patient or the tripartite harm. If you have any questions, please be sure to consult the advice of the manufacturer.

We recommend the use of high-temperature sterilization and steam sterilization machine cleaning and disinfection reprocessing.